In the early 1950s, the Copsis brothers, Sam, Nick, and
 George, immigrated to America from Greece. They didn't
 know English, but knew the value of hard work. The
 brothers decided to open a restaurant based on three 
​ simple principles - quality food, excellent service, and fair

 After looking for locations, they chose a spot on South 
​ Boulevard in Charlotte. Right across the street there was a
 sign that read, "Highway 21 South." The
Copsis' agreed 
 South 21 would be the name of their venture.

South 21 opened in 1955 and was open 7 days a week. The quality food, excellent service, and fair prices combined with their strong work ethic led to a highly successful restaurant. In 1959, the brothers opened a second location on Independence Boulevard in Charlotte. The location is still owned and operated by a founding brother's daughter and son-in-law. Fifty-five years later, South 21 is as popular as ever and pretty much the same. Super Boys, fried trout and onion rings remain customer favorites. And, they have countless lifelong customers.

The Copsis brothers found a product that worked and stayed with it. In May 2006, a founding brother's son and a family friend opened South 21 Matthews in the same tradition. So, if you are looking for quality food, excellent service and fair prices - South 21 Matthews is for you!